How Choosing Ergonomic Office Furniture May Improve Your Health

We spend most of our lives sitting, sleeping, working and a variety of other daily activities surrounded by and using all kinds of different furniture. So much so that we don’t even give a second thought to the effect said furniture has on our health. Becoming conscious of these effects and making a change in the way we choose to furnish our homes may in turn have a very positive effect on our health and our life. 


Standing Desk

After reading an article with a title Sitting is the New Smoking, most will be convinced looking into a standing desk is a great idea. A standing desk is much like a regular desk, however is much taller to where you work while standing up. Some can also be adjusted from sitting to standing for additional functionality. Below are some benefits of a standing desk:Electric Standing Desk

Helps burn calories. More calories burned = lower risk of weight gain and obesity.

May lower blood sugar levels. Increased blood sugar levels after each time you eat have a negative impact on your health. Studies show that alternating between sitting and standing may help lower the spikes in blood sugar levels

Reduced back pain. Lower back and neck pain has overall improved in office workers when using a standing desk compared to sitting down while working. 

Better mood and more energy. Improved energy levels and better mood have been reported by office workers in several studies. 



Exercise Ball Chair

Regular office chairs are notorious for giving office employees back and neck pain that can even translate to migraines for some. A stability ball may be the perfect solution. 

Exercise Ball Chair

Improved posture. Since stability ball chairs do not have a back, you will naturally sit upright since there is nothing to lean back on. Overtime, this may benefit posture. 

Better balance. Since the ball is constantly moving, you will have to readjust frequently, thereby improving balance. 

Extra calories burned. Even small amounts of extra movement to readjust on the ball will add up for some extra calories burned. 




Green Furniture/Plants

It’s not just your body that becomes strained during a long day at the office. We often forget that our eyes get tired too. Color green, especially natural shades such as green plants, has been shown to relieve eye strain when looked at. Office Plant

Stress relief. Some scientists believe that the way our mind perceives green helps calm us down. 

Help you live longer. One study has demonstrated that living in areas with lots of greenery improved life expectancy in female participants.

Ease eye strain. And ofcourse, color green has shown to relieve tired eyes. If you spend many hours staring at a computer screen, having a plant to divert your attention to may help with eye strain. 



Office lightingAlthough natural lighting is easiest on the eyes and is the most favorable option for the office, this may not always be possible if your office space has little or no windows. The next best option is using neutral lighting. 

Optimal productivity. Using lighting that is as close as possible to natural sunlight exposure will help you stay awake without overwhelming the ambiance. 

Inviting space. Neutral colors for walls and floors are also important. Painting walls light beige or light grey is a safe bet as it is not suggestive but also bright enough to keep you alert. 



It is important to think of picking furniture that maintains or improves your health. But it is also good to consider your needs in general. Here at Floating Ledge we advocate for simpler living, so getting rid of some furniture and stuff may be just as beneficial for your mental and physical health.